Environmental accounts; water use and abstraction 2003 - 2011

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This table presents the water accounts, being part of the environmental accounts compiled by Statistics Netherlands annually. This Water Accounting table includes the (physical) water use by the Dutch economic activities. A distinction is made between the use of tap water, use and abstraction (withdrawal)of groundwater and of surface water. The water used is allocated to the industries and households. Alternatively, tables selections can be made that show break down by economic activity (including households), by water type and annual use. Data in the environmental accounts directly correspond to the economic data in the national accounts, that allow assessment of the impact of the economic performance of the Netherlands for the use of water taken from the natural environment in quantitative terms. From the water accounts bills, environmental indicators can be derived. As an example the water use intensity for the different types can be determined for the Netherlands as a whole or for the break down by industry.

Data available from: 2003 - 2011

Status of the figures:
The data in this table for the last year are provisional. Figures for the other years are final.Because this table is discontinued, figures will not be updated anymore.

Changes as of November 12, 2014:
None, this table is discontinued.

When will new figures be published?
Not applicable anymore. This table is replaced by table: Environmental accounts; water use and abstraction. See paragraph 3.

Environmental accounts; water use and abstraction 2003 - 2011

Waterusers Periods Tap water use (mln m3) Use of groundwaterTotal use of groundwater (mln m3) Use of groundwaterUse of groundwater for cooling (mln m3) Use of groundwaterOther use of groundwater (mln m3) Use of surface water (mln m3)
Total of all water users 2011* 1,080.3 991.9 63.7 928.2 15,300.2
Total private households 2011* 783.0 . . . .
A-U All economic activities 2011* 297.3 . . . .
A Agriculture, forestry and fishing 2011* 42.7 88.5 0.0 88.5 30.9
B Mining and quarrying 2011* 2.3 0.1 0.0 0.0 0.8
C Manufacturing 2011* 142.6 141.2 63.5 77.8 3,391.0
10-12 Manufacture of food and beverages 2011* 38.2 66.6 24.2 42.4 165.9
20 Manufacture of chemicals 2011* 37.4 12.1 3.9 8.2 2,109.8
D Electricity and gas supply 2011* 12.0 5.3 0.0 5.3 10,928.2
E Water supply and waste management 2011* 2.7 756.7 0.1 756.6 949.3
36 Water collection and distribution 2011* 0.2 755.8 - 755.8 473.2
Source: CBS.
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