Livestock manure; production, transport and use; key figures, 1950-2013

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This table comprises information about livestock manure production and production of nitrogen and phosphate in manure. It also includes data on excreted nitrogen that evaporates as ammonia and other nitrogen compounds. The use of nitrogen and phosphate in agricultural holdings is calculated from the manure production and the difference between supply and removal of manure on agricultural holdings. The use of manure is related to the available spreading area based on fertilising standards. Developments in the production and use of animal manure can be compared with some key figures on livestock numbers and areas of arable land and grassland.

Data available from: 1950-2013.

Status of the figures:
- Figures up to and including 2012 are final figures.
- Figures for 2013 are provisional figures. Because this table is put to a stop, data wil not be made final.

This table will be continued by the table: Livestock manure; production, transport and use; key figures

Description topics

Selection of livestock categories from the agricultural census.
The results of the agricultural census from 2000 to today may have been adjusted since their first publication on Statistics Netherlands’ website; for example with retrospective effect because of the modification of the definition of agricultural holdings, in which companies that manage exclusively natural areas are excluded. The number of animals in the agricultural census may therefore differ from the number of animals in this table, which is based on the original data. The original number of animals are used as the basis of the calculation of manure production and mineral excretion.

Total number of piglets, fattening pigs and breeding pigs.
Chickens, turkeys and meat ducks including parent animals. Does not include other poultry such as laying ducks, geese, guinea fowl and others. For the latter categories no manure production and mineral excretion are calculated.
Mineral excretion
Excretion of nitrogen and phosphate.
Nitrogen excretion (N)
Nitrogen excretion consists of the excreted amount of nitrogen (N-total) without deduction of gaseous losses of NH3, NO, N2O and N2.
Other livestock categories
Nitrogen excretion from horses, ponies, sheep, goats, rabbits and fur bearing animals.
Phosphate excretion (P2O5)
Excretion of phosphate (P2O5).
Other livestock categories
Phosphate excretion from horses, ponies, sheep, goats, rabbits and fur bearing animals.