Livestock manure; production, transport and use; key figures, 1950-2013

Livestock manure; production, transport and use; key figures, 1950-2013

Periods Gaseous nitrogen losses (N) Ammonia losses during grazing (N) (mln kg)
2013* 1.0
Source: CBS.
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This table comprises information about livestock manure production and production of nitrogen and phosphate in manure. It also includes data on excreted nitrogen that evaporates as ammonia and other nitrogen compounds. The use of nitrogen and phosphate in agricultural holdings is calculated from the manure production and the difference between supply and removal of manure on agricultural holdings. The use of manure is related to the available spreading area based on fertilising standards. Developments in the production and use of animal manure can be compared with some key figures on livestock numbers and areas of arable land and grassland.

Data available from: 1950-2013.

Status of the figures:
- Figures up to and including 2012 are final figures.
- Figures for 2013 are provisional figures. Because this table is put to a stop, data wil not be made final.

This table will be continued by the table: Livestock manure; production, transport and use; key figures

Description topics

Gaseous nitrogen losses (N)
Emissions of ammonia (NH3) and other gaseous nitrogen compounds (N2, NO and N2O) from animal housing and manure storages outside housing and emissions of ammonia during grazing. All losses are expressed as nitrogen (N).
Ammonia losses during grazing (N)
Emissions of ammonia (NH3-N) during grazing.
Losses of other nitrogen compounds (N2, N2O and NO) are not calculated as grazing losses. These losses occur at a later stage due to nitrification and denitrification processes in the soil and are therefore considered as soil losses.