Motor fuels for transport;delivery weight, volume, 1946-Aug 2016

This table provides information on deliveries of motor fuels for transport in the Netherlands. Deliveries are either for consumption in the Netherlands and international road transport, which is called final consumption, or for international sea and air transport, which is traditionally called bunkering.

The table gives figure for all modes of transport. Agricultural and mobile equipment is excluded. Figures for relevant motor fuels are given by transport category. Pure biofuels for road transport are not included in this table. Blended biofuels are included in the deliveries of motor gasoline and transport diesel. Biofuels are products produced from agricultural crops.

Deliveries of motor fuels are expressed by energy (petajoules) and physical units (million kg or million kWh). Deliveries for road transport are also published in volume (million litres). This table includes figures (in petajoules) on total transport, total road transport, total water transport, total air transport and total rail transport. This is not possible for physical units, due to different units (e.g. kg and kWh) are not countable.

Data available from:
From 1946 up to and including August 2016

Status of the figures:
All figures from 1946 to December 2013 are definite.
Figures from January 2014 onwards are provisional.

Changes as of 2 December 2016
None, this table has been stopped. For more information see section 3.

When will new figures be published?
Not applicable.

Motor fuels for transport;delivery weight, volume, 1946-Aug 2016

Type of delivery Periods Motor fuels for transport petajouleRoad transportTotal road transport (PJ) Motor fuels for transport petajouleWater transportTotal water transport (PJ) Motor fuels for transport petajouleAir transportTotal air transport (PJ) Water transportHeating and other gasoilTotal heating and other gasoil (mln kg) Water transportFuel oilLow-sulphur fuel oil (mln kg) Water transportFuel oilHigh-sulphur fuel oil (mln kg) Motor fuels transport physical unitsAir transportKerosene type jet fuel (mln kg) Motor fuels transport by volumeAutomotive LPG (mln litres) Motor fuels transport by volumeMotor gasolineTotal motor gasoline (mln litres) Motor fuels transport by volumeTransport dieselTotal transport diesel (mln litres)
Total deliveries 2015 August* 31.8 41.9 15.5 205 151 658 356 24 416 489
Total deliveries 2016 April* 35.5 43.7 13.5 150 165 746 311 27 454 554
Total deliveries 2016 May* 35.5 45.7 14.3 156 176 775 328 27 442 564
Total deliveries 2016 June* 35.3 51.0 14.1 164 193 880 323 27 457 543
Total deliveries 2016 July* 33.9 48.1 15.9 148 196 824 366 24 436 528
Total deliveries 2016 August* 34.9 51.0 15.9 199 182 855 365 32 459 528
Source: CBS.
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