Investment climate; market competition international comparison 1990-2011

Investment climate; market competition international comparison 1990-2011

Countries Periods Mark-up Broken down by sector 0000b Agriculture, forestry and fishery (ratio)
Australia 2011 .
Austria 2011 6.53
Belgium 2011 5.89
Canada 2011 .
Czech Republic 2011 2.16
Denmark 2011 2.74
Finland 2011 4.51
France 2011 .
Germany 2011 3.40
Hungary 2011 .
Ireland 2011 .
Italy 2011 2.92
Japan 2011 .
The Netherlands 2011 3.05
Poland 2011 .
South Korea 2011 .
Spain 2011 5.30
Sweden 2011 2.76
United Kingdom 2011 2.58
United States 2011 .
EU-15 2011 .
EU-25 2011 .
EU-27 2011 .
Source: CBS.
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This table gives an indication of the market competition and an overview of legislation, other government measures and barriers that (could) influence market competition for the Netherlands and a dedicated group of benchmark countries. These indicators provide information on mark-up, employment protection legislation, public procurement and state support. For the investment climate it is important that market competition (nationally and internationally) is obstructed as little as possible by legislation or other barriers which make it difficult for enterprises to enter the market.

Internationally harmonized definitions are used to compare the figures presented internationally. These definitions sometimes differ from definitions used by Statistics Netherlands. The figures in this table could differ from Dutch figures presented elsewhere on the website of Statistics Netherlands.

Data available from: 1990 up to 2011.

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The external sources of these data frequently supply adjusted figures on preceding periods. These adjusted data are not mentioned as such in the table.

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A measure of competition and profit margin of companies in a market.
Broken down by sector
Per sector the mark-up is calculated as the value added in the sector divided by the wage sum of employees in the sector.

Source: European Commission, AMECO database.
Only the wage sum of employees. Excluded is virtual salary of self-employed.
0000b Agriculture, forestry and fishery
0000b Agriculture, forestry and fishery (A+B) = NACE rev. 1, categories A and B. This category is made up of the categories:
01 Agriculture and related service activities.
02 Forestry and logging.
05 Fishing and aquaculture.