Annual rate of change CPI; since 1963

Annual rate of change CPI; since 1963

Periods Annual rate of change (%)
2021 March 1.9
2021 April 1.9
2021 May 2.1
2021 June 2.0
2021 July 1.4
2021 August 2.4
2021 September 2.7
2021 October 3.4
2021 November 5.2
2021 December 5.7
2021 2.7
2022 January 6.4
2022 February 6.2
2022 March 9.7
2022 April 9.6
2022 May 8.8
2022 June 8.6
Source: CBS.
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Table description

This table contains the annual rates of change of the CPI from the moment they were first published. The annual rate of change reflects changes in prices of consumer goods and services in a certain month compared with the same month in the previous year; it is the year on-year change of the consumer price index.

This table also contains the derived series for the annual rate of change. This is based on the normal series but without the effect of changes in the rates of product-related taxes (for instance VAT and excise duty on alcohol and tobacco) and subsidies. The derived series answers the question: how would prices have changed if the tax rates remained the same?

Data available from: January 1963

Status of the figures:
When first published, the figures are provisional. Their status becomes final simultaneously with the second publication about the same month. Disparities between provisional and final figures are caused by new or updated source material that has become available after the initial publication.

Changes compared with previous version:
Data on the most recent period have been added and/or adjustments have been implemented.

When will new figures be published?
New figures will usually be published on the first Thursday of the month, except if the first Thursday is the first, second or third day of the month or if there are public holidays prior to and on that Thursday. In that case, new figures will be published on Tuesday after the first Thursday.

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Annual rate of change
The annual rate of change is the change in prices of consumer goods and services in a certain month compared with the same month in the previous year. This answers the question: by how much has the consumer prices increased or decreased for an average Dutch household in the last twelve months?