SDG 15 Life on land

The goal of SDG 15 is to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss. This dashboard contains the indicators corresponding to SDG 15 according to the global framework of the United Nations. Where possible, the framework is filled with data about the Netherlands.

Targets and indicators

15.1 Conservation, restoration and sustainable use of freshwater ecosystems

15.1.1 Forest area as a percentage of total land area

15.1.2 Proportion of protected important terrestrial and freshwater sites

15.2 Sustainable management of forests, halt deforestation and restore forests

15.2.1 Progress towards sustainable forest management

15.3 Combat desertification, restore degraded land and soil

15.3.1 Proportion of land that is degraded over total land area

15.4 Ensure the conservation of mountain ecosystems

15.4.1 Coverage by protected areas of important sites for mountain biodiversity

15.4.2 Mountain Green Cover Index

15.5 Halt the loss of biodiversity and the extinction of threatened species

15.5.1 Red List Index

15.6 Sharing of the benefits arising from the utilization of genetic resources

15.6.1 Number of countries with policy frameworks for equitable sharing benefits

15.7 End poaching and trafficking of protected species

15.7.1 Proportion of traded wildlife that was poached or illicitly trafficked

15.8 Prevent the introduction and reduce the impact of invasive alien species

15.8.1 Countries with legislation to control and prevent invasive alien species

15.9 Integrate ecosystem and biodiversity into national and local planning

15.9.1 Progress towards national targets

15.a Increase financial resources to conserve and sustainably use ecosystems

15.a.1 Official development assistance on conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity

15.b Mobilize resources to finance sustainable forest management

15.b.1 Forestry development assistance

15.c Efforts to combat poaching and trafficking of protected species

15.c.1 Proportion of trade in wildlife and wildlife products that is illegal