SDG 1 No poverty

The goal of SDG 1 is to end poverty in all its forms everywhere. This dashboard contains the indicators corresponding to SDG 1 according to the global framework of the United Nations. Where possible, the framework is filled with data about the Netherlands.

Targets and indicators

1.1 Eradicate extreme poverty for all people everywhere

1.1.1 Proportion of population below the international poverty line

1.2 Halve the population living below the national poverty line

1.2.1 Proportion of population living below the national poverty line

1.2.2 Proportion of population living in poverty

1.3 Appropriate social security for the poor and vulnerable

1.3.1 Proportion of population covered by social security

1.4 Equal rights and access to economic resources

1.4.1 Proportion of population with access to basic services

1.4.2 Proportion of total adult population with secure tenure rights to land

1.5 Resilience to (climate-related) extreme events of the poor and vulnerable

1.5.1 Number of deaths, missing persons or persons affected by disaster

1.5.2 Direct disaster economic loss in relation to GDP

1.5.3 Number of countries with disaster risk reduction strategies

1.5.4 Proportion of local governments that implement risk reduction strategies

1.a Adequate resources to end poverty for developing countries

1.a.1 Total official development assistance focused on poverty reduction

1.a.2 Proportion of total government spending on essential services

1.b Sound policy frameworks to support poverty eradication

1.b.1 Pro-poor public spending