CBS World Café VI: Barriers to trade in services

© ANP / Peter Hilz
The theme of CBS World Café VI is “Barriers to trade in services”. Even more than trade in goods, trade in services has suffered significantly in recent years. Besides recent obstacles created by the Covid pandemic or changes in the Dutch tax law, various non-tariff barriers in the form of legal restrictions behind the border can also have a large impact on trade in services (CBS Internationalisation Monitor 2022 Q2 / full translation).

During this CBS World Café, insights from ongoing research on how these restrictions affect trade in services by both Statistics Netherlands and the OECD will be presented:

Alexander Jaax is Trade Policy Analist in the Trade in Services Division, Trade and Agriculture Directorate, at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).
Dennis Cremers is data scientist and project-lead on globalization at Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and was one of the authors of the “Internationalisation Monitor 2022 Q2 – International trade in services”.

We will wrap up the World Café with an interactive Q&A, hosted by Loe Franssen (Statistics Netherlands). We hope to welcome you on October 17th!

For any questions, zoom-codes and registration you may send an email to Feel free to share this invitation with other colleagues and those interested.