CBS World Café: 20 years of the Eurozone: did the Euro boost trade?

Hand full of Euro banknotes
© Hollandse Hoogte / Sabine Joosten

The theme of CBS World Café V is “20 years of the Eurozone: did the Euro boost trade?” Through increased trade and investments, the introduction of the euro added to the benefits of the internal market. Mutual transactions become cheaper as enterprises are no longer exposed to exchange rate risk. Despite the shortcomings and risks of a single currency and monetary policy, there have been major benefits for both consumers and businesses.

What has the introduction of the euro meant for goods trade within the Eurozone and to what extent can the increase in trade be attributed to the additional benefits of the Eurozone over and above the benefits of the internal market?

This fifth edition of the CBS World Café will be a webinar held in English and consists of two presentations:

  • Vanessa Gunnella is a Senior Economist at the European Central Bank. Her research and policy work investigates the effects of Global Value Chains on real activity, business cycle synchronization, prices and the sensitivity of trade to demand and exchange rates. Moreover she is also extensively involved in estimating the impact of protectionism on trade and welfare. In this World Café she will elaborate on the ECB study "The impact of the euro on trade: two decades into monetary union".

  • Mark Vancauteren, Professor at Hasselt University and partly affiliated with Statistics Netherlands as a researcher, will provide some key findings on the CBS study of which effect EMU participation did have on Dutch exports of goods. Does this effect differ when a distinction is made between the six original members of the Eurozone (Belgium and Luxembourg, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands) and countries that later joined the EMU?

We will wrap up the World Café with an interactive Q&A. We hope to welcome you on 2 June!

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