Financial SBS Indicators NACE Q, The Netherlands, 2020

Financial variables of NACE, sector Q (human health and social work), compiled for the Netherlands in accordance with the SBS methodology of Eurostat for population of market-oriented units over 2020 on 4th digit level of NACE (results during research trajectory provided to Eurostat conform Eurostat grant 101022410 - 2020-NL-B5640-EBS).

This table consists of preliminairy results of the under development methodology of SBS statistics for sector NACE Q (human health and social work) provided to Eurostat. This research dataset compiled for the reporting year 2020 is provided to Eurostat in the context of a Eurostat grant aimed at the development of the methodology to produce SBS statistics for sector NACE Q in The Netherlands as of reporting year 2021, in accordance with Eurostat definitions and specifications. The work was carried out within working package 6 “Output, performance and costs for Human healthcare and Social work” of Eurostat grant 101022410 — 2020-NL-B5640-EBS.

Given that the methodology is under development and it is an research dataset, the regular quality checks have not been performed and SBS variabeles referring to expenses on services provided through agency workers, gross investment in tangible goods, and gross investements in machines and equipments have not been part of the provided dataset.

The dataset is based on the methodology during the research process and therefore does not have the quality of regular statistical output. Use of the dataset for administrative of commercial goals is not recommended.