Hydrogen balance in relation to energy statistics

This report describes the current production and consumption of hydrogen in the Netherlands, the future possibilities for production, transport and consumption and the relation with energy statistics.

As a result of feedback on the report some figures have been adjusted and the description of industrial clusters in section 2.4.4 has been improved.

Hydrogen may become an important energy carrier in our future energy system. It can be produced from renewable sources and in combination with carbon capture and storage. It offers the potential for large-scale storage and it can be used for many applications.

At the moment a lot of hydrogen is already being produced and consumed in the industry for non-energy applications in the Netherlands. This report describes the current production of hydrogen in the Netherlands. Hydrogen is currently not an energy carrier in national and international energy statistics, but there are connections between hydrogen production and elements from the Energy Balance. These relationships are explained in this report.

The second part of this report examines the possible future ways of producing, transporting and applying hydrogen and the possible implications and methodological research points for the energy statistics, which are embedded in international frameworks. Partly because of this international component, this report has been drawn up in English. The report was prepared by TNO together with CBS (Statistics Netherlands) and financed by RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency).