Mortality during the first six weeks of the corona epidemic

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From the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, mortality rose rapidly in the Netherlands. Excess mortality was estimated at 7,260 deaths over the first six weeks. This is 40 percent higher than the number of deaths which might normally be expected during that period. In the first two weeks of the epidemic, mortality was 10 percent higher than expected, increasing to about 55 percent in the fifth and sixth week. Excess mortality was relatively high among men, 75 to 90-year-olds, residents of nursing and care homes and residents with a migration background; however, during the first two weeks of the epidemic, the excess mortality rate was highest in the 50-59-year-age group and among people with high incomes. After the fourth week, excess mortality declined in the most affected regions of the corona epidemic but there was still an increase in other parts of the country, including Zeeland, North-East Gelderland and the GGD regions where the four largest municipalities are located.