Statistics Netherlands launches new website

Statistics Netherlands (CBS) has given its website a fresh new look and more extensive user possibilities. The website features news on current affairs more prominently, but also offers a clear presentation of key figures. New technology has made the website future-proof.

Needs of the outside world

CBS has built its new website based on how it wants to present statistical data. Senior director Wim van Nunspeet (Corporate Services, IT and Methodology) explains: ‘Website visitors will find a freshly designed website with a clear structure, so they will find information in just a few mouse clicks.’ The ‘responsive’ design of the website means users can view it on any device: desktop PC, smartphone or tablet. New technology means data have become more easily accessible. Project manager Roel Canisius: ‘As the technology makes it easier to control the content, we can respond better to the needs of the outside world.’

News and figures

The main focus of the CBS website is on news: it spotlights CBS’ latest figures and survey results. The menu on the homepage makes it easy to navigate to CBS key figures in a structured way . Thanks to new technology, adding more visuals, videos and live streams has become child’s play. Van Nunspeet: ‘We have tried to find a good balance between news, in-depth information and the underlying data. This is a reflection of what Statistics Netherlands means to society.’

Choices and feedback

Building a website means making choices, according to Canisius. ‘And site visitors are our starting point.’ The topics on the website have been arranged in a logical way for users. The layout is also more similar to that of other websites. The CBS site has a very wide-ranging audience: from policymakers and academic researchers to business people, survey respondents and the general public. ‘As we want to incorporate as many user needs as possible, we will be developing our website continually. This is only the beginning’, says Canisius. ‘We intend to monitor and analyse how our visitors use the site and how they find their way. Based on this information and feedback, we shall continue to improve the website.’

Questions or comments?

If you have a question or comment on the new website, or you are unable to find what you are looking for, please contact CBS Infoservice: tel. +31 88 5707070.