Business services (monitor from the 1st quarter of 2012 on)

Changes as of 31 May 2013

From the first quarter of 2013 on, the figures of Business services will be publiced in a new table 'Business services; turnover developments, index 2010 = 100'. This table replaces the table 'Business services; turnover developments, SIC 2008'. Figures in the new table differ from those in the former table up to and including 2012, as a result of the index base year shift from 2005 to 2010.

From the first quarter of 2012 on, Statistics Netherlands will base the Business services monitor on the ‘M-N Business services’ and no longer on ‘IT and other business services’.


The ‘IT- services’ (SBI 62) is not included in the ‘M-N Business services’ combination. This means that the turnover changes of the combined ‘M-N Business services’ are not comparable with those of the ‘IT and other business services’ on which the Business services monitor was based until the first quarter of 2012.

Business services (SBI section M-N)

This category is a combination of the categories:

  • section M: Management, technical consultancy, Research and development and Other specialised business services
  • section N: Renting and leasing of tangible goods and Other business services

Sectors in business services  (SBI section M-N)

The figures about turnover changes in the combined ‘M-N Business services’ are a weighted average of the sectors in section M and N (SBI 2008):

  • Legal services, administration etc. (SBI 69)
  • Holding companies (not financial) (SBI 70)
  • Architects, technical services etc. (SBI 71)
  • Research and development (SBI 72)
  • Advertising and market research (SBI 73)
  • Other specialised business services (SBI 74)
  • Veterinary activities (SBI 75)
  • Renting and leasing of tangible goods (SBI 77)
  • Employment activities (SBI 78)
  • Travel agencies, tour operators etc (SBI 79)
  • Security and investigation (SBI 80)
  • Facility management (SBI 81)
  • Other business services (SBI 82)