Higher turnover and production in the manufacturing industry

In February 2006 the turnover of the Dutch manufacturing industry was 9 percent higher than in February 2005. This was mainly due to higher selling prices. Dutch industrial production increased slightly for the third time in a row. In January-February 2006 the production was up by 0.4 percent on November-December 2005. This is according to the latest preliminary figures by Statistics Netherlands. 

More turnover due to higher selling prices

The turnover increase in the manufacturing industry is mainly caused by higher selling prices. Prices increased by an average of 6 percent. In the domestic market the Dutch manufacturing industry sold 10 percent more in February 2006 than in February 2005. Industrial exports were up by 8 percent.

The greatest turnover increase was made in the oil, chemicals and rubber manufacturing industry. Here turnover was up by 17 percent on February 2005. Selling prices also increased by 17 percent.

The second largest turnover increase was by the food, beverages and tobacco manufacturing industry. In this branch higher selling prices only contributed slightly to the 7 percent higher turnover.  

Slight increase in industrial production again

In the period January–February 2006, the seasonally corrected industrial production figure increased by 0.4 percent on November–December 2005. This is the third slight increase in a row. The food, beverages and tobacco industry made a major contribution to this increase. In this branch, production increased by about 1 percent. The food, beverages and tobacco industry makes up over 18 percent of the total industrial value added.

The production of investment goods in January–February 2006 is slightly higher than in the preceding period. The production of raw materials and semi-manufactured goods and consumer goods fell.

Compared to February 2005, production, corrected for working day patterns, was up in February 2006.