Members of the Executive Board


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Director General

Ms. A. (Angelique) Berg, MSc

Deputy Director General

W. (Wim) van Nunspeet, MSc

Department of Corporate Strategy and Management Advice

S.W.F.H. (Erik) Bruinsma, MA, LLM

Director, CBS Communications and News

Ms. L. (Lara) Ankersmit, MSc

Director, Corporate services, IT and Methodology

W. (Wim) van Nunspeet, MSc

Director, Dataservices, Research and Innovation

J.W.F. (Joost) Huurman, MSc

Director, Economic and Business Statistics and National Accounts

Ms. M.J.M. (Marleen) Verbruggen, MSc

Director, Socio-economic and Spatial Statistics

Ms. J.C.M. (Hanneke) Imbens, MSc

CEO, Blaise

H.J.A. (Harry) Wijnhoven, MSc