Ethics and integrity and the Ethics Committee


Ethics and integrity

CBS uses several codes to monitor integrity.
CBS adheres to and puts into practice the European Statistics Code of Practice.
The CBS Code of Practice sets out how the principles of impartiality, reliability, relevance, efficiency, statistical confidentiality and transparency are important to society as a whole, to users of statistics, to parties providing information to CBS that forms the basis of statistics, and to CBS staff themselves.

Ethics Committee

The requests CBS receives for additional statistical services sometimes involve ethical issues that cannot be captured in simple rules of thumb. These are often issues where the questions asked in combination with the datasets may be revealing or stigmatising or may otherwise raise ethical questions. To this end, CBS has an ethics committee that can be asked for advice at the request of management. In 2022, the ethics committee established an external sounding board group with the aim of reflecting on the committee's work in order to further increase ethical awareness.