Labour and social security

The Statistics Overview 2023 provides an overview of what statistics (and with what frequency) will be compiled by CBS.

Labour and social security
Data management updatemonthly, annual
Labour, Care and Childcarebiennial
Labour Force Survey Caribbean Netherlandsbiennial
Care and welfare labour market, AZW employer survey, employee and self-employed panelquarterly
Jobs and wagesmonthly, quarterly, annual
Jobs and wages Caribbean Netherlandsannual
Employment and occupation in health careannual
Labour force, labour participation, mobilitymonthly, quarterly, annual
Target group register for people with occupational disabilitysemiannual
Social assistance fraud and overpayment debtorsquarterly, annual
Social assistance statisticmonthly, quarterly, annual
Gross annual total of social assistance benefitsannual
Labour migration dashboardannual
Collectively agreed wagesmonthly, quarterly, annual
Emancipation monitorbiennial
Labour Force Surveyquarterly, annual
European System of Social Protection Statisticsannual
Work and Care Act evaluationquarterly
FlexHealthnone: first project
Labour Market Policyannual
Netherlands Working Conditions Survey - Accidents at workannual
Workplace redundancy due to bankruptcy, by sex, age, industryannual
Layoff statisticannual
Pension and AOW entitlementsannual
Pension and AOW entitlements - partner’s pensionannual
Benefit recipientsquarterly
Annual policy-related statisticsannual
Regional employment and commuting distancesannual
Socioeconomic statistics on jobs, benefits, pensions and layoffsannual
Social insurancesmonthly, quarterly, annual
Municipal reintegration services statisticmonthly, quarterly, annual
Civic Integration Act statisticquarterly, annual
Structural Earnings Survey and Labour Cost Surveyfour-yearly
Job vacancies and absenteeismquarterly, annual
Trade union monitorbiennial
Municipal budget allocation: income component and participation budgetannual
Resumption of work after unemployment benefitannual
Self-employed Workers’ Surveybiennial