The Statistics Overview 2023 provides an overview of what statistics (and with what frequency) will be compiled by CBS.

Crude oil and petroleum productsannual
Fuel pricesweekly, monthly, quarterly
Caribbean Netherlands: electricity and water connections and productionannual
Electricity and natural gas prices in manufacturing and householdsquarterly
Energy savings in enterprises en dwellingsannual
Energy bill householdsmonthly, annual
Energy consumption in manufacturingannual
Renewable energymonthly, quarterly, annual
Mean heating system in dwellingsannual
Climate and Energy Outlookannual
Short-term statistic manufacturing, construction, retail trade, energymonthly
Short-term statistic manufacturing, construction, retail trade, passenger car importers, energymonthly
Natural gas and electricity deliveriesannual
Market prices energyannual
Electricity production resourcesquarterly
Regional energy dataannual
Improvement in information provision on the energy transitiontbd
Energy extraction and conversionmonthly, quarterly, annual