Combining data sources to gain new insights in mobility

© Hollandse Hoogte

This paper describes how multiple data sources that relate to mobility in the city of Rotterdam were combined to create a model for scenario analysis. Sources originate from RET, Gemeente Rotterdam and Statistics Netherlands.

A collection of sources measuring the real-life situation and a collection of administrative sources are converted to the granularity of metro segment. Based on the ratio between these groups, administrative sources are calibrated towards an expectation of real-life implications.

The methods used in this paper are applicable for analysis of any type of scenario that can be described by means of administrative data. This is demonstrated by two population growth scenarios, in which the number of residents is artificially increased for specific neighbourhoods.

Each scenario is then applied to the understandings learned from the various data sources to illustrate the effects of population growth on the metro network. This paper illustrates the added value of combining sources that individually would not have allowed to reach the same insights.


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