Scientific publications, dissertations/theses and reports of quality surveys in the field of statistics.

Papers in this series deal with methods, quality, processes and information technology and conceptual topics that are relevant to the scope of activity at Statistics Netherlands (CBS). They describe the results of (applied) scientific research conducted by CBS researchers, sometimes in collaboration with others. The series is not intended for publication of CBS figures. The figures published in these papers therefore cannot be regarded as official CBS results.


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  1. Eurostat Morbidity Statistics, Pilot Data Collection
  2. Compiling the CPI Caribbean Netherlands during the corona crisis 2020
  3. Methodology Research Vision 2020- 2025
  4. Transition plan redesign of the Dutch Labour Force Survey
  5. Base shift for input price indices Civil engineering from 2010=100 to 2015=100
  6. Development of a survival model for unexpectedly long hospital stays
  7. Tourism statistics and the use of social media data
  8. Geographic location estimation of mobile devices
  9. Nowcasting GDP growth rate: a potential substitute for the current flash estimate
  10. Measuring the internet economy with big data
  11. Fair algorithms in context
  12. Monthly turnover figures using nowcasting
  13. The ecosystem service supply and use in the Netherlands
  14. Integration Agreements and Firm Internationalization
  15. Intermittent exporting: unusual business or business as usual?
  16. Methodological audits at NSIs
  17. Time series of CAO wages, 2010=100
  18. A dynamic factor model for unemployment statistics
  19. The accuracy of estimators based on a binary classifier
  20. Correcting for linkage errors in contingency tables
  21. Decomposition price indices
  22. Towards a new flash HICP
  23. Big data in official statistics
  24. Searching for business websites
  25. Stops and track detection in travel surveys