Value added in construction; monthly figures

What does the survey comprise?


To provide rapid estimates about the volume development of the value added in construction.


The survey deals with the value added in construction according to the SIC 2008. Construction includes the SIC 41, 42 en 43.

Year survey started

Reference period starts  January 2000. First published on 23 June 2011. The discontinued series according to the SIC 1993 is to be found in the archive. It contains data from January 1995 until February 2011.



Publication strategy

The figures are published about seven weeks after the end of the month under review. The figures are consistent with the Quarterly accounts and the National accounts. This means that  the figures retain the status 'provisional' for quite a long time.
Consistency with the National accounts implies consistency with the provisional, adjusted provisional and the definite estimates, and subsequent revisions.
The figures are consistent with the results of the first (flash) estimates for the Quarterly accounts, six weeks after the quarter under review. Later on the figures are adjusted to the regular estimates, published approximately 3 months after the quarter under review.
The adjustments are published at the moment the new monthly figure is added to the series.

How is the survey conducted?

Main sources

The value added in construction is calculated every month and based on the following sources:
. monthly survey of turnover in construction.
. productive hours in construction.
. various price data of construction.

Quality of the results


The figures are comparable over time.


Changes in the data can be caused by the availability of new statistical source information, or by adjustments to the data in the yearly National Accounts and in the Quarterly Accounts.