Construction and housing

The Statistics Overview 2023 provides an overview of what statistics (and with what frequency) will be compiled by CBS.

Construction and housing
Business operating income and expensesannual
Healthcare real estate occupancyannual
Occupied premises incl. non-residential, moorings and pitchesannual
Property positions, changes and flowsannual
Residential premise ownershipannual
Dwelling stock ownership ratesannual
European Union Survey on Income and Living conditions, EU-SILC improvementsannual
Average property value of dwellings on 1 January, ownership, regionannual
Rent increase Dwellingsannual
Input index new dwellingsmonthly
Short-term statistic manufacturing, construction, retail trade, energymonthly
Real estate vacancy monitorannual
New dwelling construction phases tableannual
New dwelling monitorannual
New dwellings housing corporationssemiannual
Price index for existing owner-occupied dwellingsmonthly
Civil engineering, GWW price indexquarterly
Price index for new owner-occupied dwellingsquarterly
Price indices in constructionmonthly
Construction and manufacturing outputmonthly
Producer price index dwellings and other buildingsquarterly, annual
Productive hours in civil engineering and non-residential constructionmonthly
Temporary dwellingssemiannual
Dwelling stock transformations and characteristicsquarterly, annual
Further breakdown Other additions and withdrawals dwelling stockquarterly, annual
Building permits grantedmonthly
Dwelling and non-dwelling stockmonthly, quarterly, annual
Dwellings and non-residential stock, changes, user function, regionmonthly, quarterly, annual
Dwelling stock, average area, dwelling type, year of construction class, regionannual
Dwelling stock, positions and changes as of 1921annual
Dwelling stock, dwelling type, surface area, regionannual
Civil and commercial construction progressmonthly
Water consumption, domesticonce only
Housing demand Surveytriannual
Housing market Groningenveldsemiannual
Woonbaseonce only
Dwelling typesannual
Netherlands’ Housing Survey, WoONtriannual
Dwelling stock, dwelling type on 1 January, regionannual
Residential care homesannual