The Statistics Overview 2023 provides an overview of what statistics (and with what frequency) will be compiled by CBS.

Operating income and expensesannual
Business establishmentsannual
Business demographyquarterly, annual
Business demography European standardannual
Business registermonthly, quarterly, annual
Retail trade sector - Business cycle surveymonthly
Service trade - Business cycle surveymonthly
Manufacturing sector - Business cycle surveymonthly
E-commerce and webshopsmonthly, quarterly, annual
Energy savings in the private sectortbd
Bankruptcies enrichedquarterly
Enterprise subsidiariesannual
Enterprise financequarterly, annual
ICT usage in enterprisesannual
Internationalisation monitorquarterly
Entrepreneurial investmentsannual
Investment outlook manufacturingannual
Short-term statistic: car trade, wholesale trade, service, transportquarterly
Short-term statistic manufacturing, construction, retail trade, energymonthly
Platform economyannual
Output in construction and manufacturingmonthly
Producer price index dwellings and other buildingsquarterly and annual
Production statistics of holdingsannual
Productive hours in residential and non-residential constructionmonthly
ICT, Knowledge and Economy publicationannual
R&D statisticsannual
Regional economic dataannual
SMEs in the Netherlands, Staat van het MKBquarterly
Sales in the manufacturing sector by commodity groupannual
Manufacturing stocksmonthly