NA/76 An information-system for economic, environmental and social statistics

Keuning, Steven J. and Jolanda G. Timmerman (1995).The 1993 SNA mentions that a SAM can also be extended to deal with environmental issues. This entails the integration of a SAM and a NAMEA into a SAMEA (Social Accounting Matrix including Environmental Accounts), a further extension into the direction of a so-called SESAME (System of Economic and Social Accounting Matrices and Extensions). This paper shows how environmental data can be integrated into such a system. A Dutch case study shows the interrelations between e.g. the employment of various types of workers (by sex/educational level) and the environmental problems caused by the activities in which they are employed. This pollution is also allocated to the subsectors that receive value added. This enables a comparison with the consumption-based pollution by sub-sector. The SAMEA yields a framework for an integrated analysis and modelling of social, economic and environmental issues.