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Publication, 16 August 2010 09:30

Statistical yearbook, 2010

statistical yearbook 2010

The Statistical yearbook is a source of many figures on nearly all aspects of Dutch society. It is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants information on a range of areas: population, health, education, unemployment, agriculture, construction and manufacturing, trade environment, and many others. This year for the first time three special chapters focus on sustainability, the economic crisis and population ageing. The format of the printed edition of this book had already been adapted so that it could be carried almost everywhere; as an e-book figures on the Netherlands are accessible everywhere. Statistics Netherlands’ free online databank contains much more statistical information on the Netherlands. To access it go to


Statistical yearbook as e-book

The Statistical yearbook is now also available as an e-book in epub format. You can download the file and read it on your iPhone, iPod Touch or any other e-reader that supports this format.

How to get an epub on your iPhone or iPod Touch

Install Stanza from the App Store on your iPhone. Stanza is a free reader for e-books and you need it to read an epub on your iPhone.
If you have version 4 of the operating system:
  Tap the link to the e-book version of the Statistical yearbook.
  You should see a button “open with Stanza”. Tap this button.
The book will then be downloaded and automatically placed in the library.

If this doesn’t work, for example because you do not have version 4 of the operating system:
  Start Stanza 
  Go to the library
  Tap “get books” at the bottom of the screen
  Tap “downloads” at the top of the screen
  Tap the + sign in the top right-hand corner
  Type the url of the site of the e-book version of the Statistical yearbook
  Tap “download”
The book will then be downloaded and automatically placed in the library.


Key figure: A-3
ISBN: 978-90-357-1779-4
ISSN: 0303-6448
Order this publication at your book shops or Sdu.

Statistics Netherlands offers free e-mail subscriptions too.

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