Construction; value added, index 2015=100 and changes

Construction; value added, index 2015=100 and changes

Periods Volume index figures construction (2015=100)
2019 September* 148.3
2019 October* 143.9
2019 November * 135.7
2019 December * 86.4
2020 January* 141.2
2020 February * 138.7
2020 March* 148.9
2020 April * 138.8
2020 May* 126.8
2020 June* 134.9
2020 July* 120.2
2020 August* 72.9
Source: CBS.
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The output indicator on construction reflects the volume development of the value added (basic prices) in the sector construction according to the Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Activities 2008 (SIC 41, 42 and 43). Monthly figures of construction are made consistent with figures of quarterly accounts when these are available. Monthly figures are also corrected for price changes. When the last month of a quarter is published, the second estimate of quarterly accounts figures of the national accounts are not yet available. Therefore, figures of value added of construction in the table can differ from value added figures of national accounts. Subjects: Volume changes, compared to the same period of the previous year and volume index figures, base year 2015=100.

Data available from: January 2005.

Status of the figures:
Data from 2005 up to and including 2017 are final. Data from 2018 onwards are provisional.

Changes as of 16 October 2020:
The figures of August 2020 have been added and the figures of April up to and including July 2020 have been adjusted.

Changes as of 16 July 2020:
The yearly national accounts updates have been carried out and the figures of January 2017 up to and including April 2020 have been adjusted. The figures of May 2020 have been added. From now on the figures of 2017 are final.

Statistics Netherlands has carried out a revision of the national accounts in June of 2018. New statistical sources and estimation methods have been used during the revision. This table provides the data after revision. For further information see section 3.

When are new figures released?
About seven weeks after the end of the month under review.

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Volume index figures construction
Output indicator for construction.
Volume index figures, base year 2015=100.