Explanation of Dashboard ‘Well-being in times of coronavirus’

This dashboard is inspired by the Monitor of Well-being & Sustainable Development Goals, which CBS releases every year in May on the occasion of ‘Accountability Day’ [the day when the national government and ministries present their annual reports to the House of Representatives, tr.]. This year’s edition (May 2020) was focused on the 2019 reporting year. In view of the fact that the coronavirus crisis has had such a severe impact on many different aspects of every-day reality, it was decided to create a dashboard which reflects the current status of broad well-being in the Netherlands as accurately as is possible at this time.

The dashboard is emphatically not an ’update’ on the status of well-being as presented in the Monitor. The Monitor has a thorough theoretical foundation, and looks at broad well-being in the three dimensions here and now, later and elsewhere. The selection that was made in terms of themes and indicators is based on existing frameworks and the publication describes more than 400 different indicators. The dashboard presented here contains a selection of themes and indicators, based on the pragmatic question: which ones tell something about recent developments in Dutch society since the outbreak of coronavirus? For this purpose, only indicators are deemed suitable which are published on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Hence, the scope of this dashboard is relatively limited. Nevertheless, the picture presented here is as comprehensive as possible.

Note: The Dutch version of the dashboard has more detail. Each graph in the front part of the dashboard gives access to a number of graphs on the same theme, accompanied by brief descriptions of the developments in this area since the outbreak of coronavirus.