Population counter

Source: Statistics Netherlands
The counter below shows how many registered inhabitants there are in the Netherlands at this moment according to the most recent estimate of Statistics Netherlands.
1 6 9 8 6 4 7 5
monday 1 february 2016
09:18:49 GMT +01:00


How many people are living in the Netherlands?

At the end of December 2020, the Netherlands counted 17 474 693 inhabitants. That is the official number from the registrations. The counter shows how many registered inhabitants there are in the Netherlands at this moment according to the most recent estimate of Statistics Netherlands. This is done on the basis of information from the past and patterns of birth, death and migration per month. However, due to the corona pandemic, more people have died and fewer people have migrated in recent months. As a result, the previously expected development based on the patterns in the past is less in line with reality.

How much does the population grow on a typical day?

Every day on average 440 children are born and 430 people die. An additional 665 immigrants are registered, while 475 emigrants leave the country. The population of the Netherlands is growing by an average of 195 people per day. This also includes corrections that cannot be explained by the municipalities from their registers, such as unidentified departure abroad.

How fast is the population growing now?

The population does not always increase at the same rate. Growth rates vary from day to day, from month to month and from year to year. More children are born on a working day than in the weekends, more children are born in the summer and fewer people die than in the winter, more immigrants arrive in the fall. The population counter takes this into account.

What is the population counter exactly?

The population counter is an estimate and not a real-time representation of the population development. The counter does not immediately go up once a child is born or an immigrant registers, nor does it immediately go down if someone dies or leaves the Netherlands. These events only arrive at Statistics Netherlands after they have been registered with a municipality. And also that registration does not happen immediately: a birth must be reported to the municipality within three working days and a death within six working days, and an immigrant often only registers as a resident after a while.

That is why Statistics Netherlands already estimates growth in advance. According to the population counter, the population today is estimated based on the provisional figure for the first day of the previous month, supplemented by the expected growth in this period of the year and the differences between weekdays and working days.

The figure only concerns the registered population and not, for example, illegal immigrants or asylum seekers who reside in the Netherlands but are not yet registered in the municipal population registers.

Where can I find more figures about the number of residents in the Netherlands?

Every month, Statistics Netherlands publishes new figures on birth, death, immigration and emigration in the StatLine database. There are regular news releases about the population.