Remote Access service innovations

Qualified researchers are permitted to work with Statistics Netherlands (CBS) microdata via remote access. CBS recently introduced changes to its remote access services. The most important changes are listed below:


Computers used to work with CBS microdata no longer need to be located in a lockable space. However, researchers must continue to ensure that unauthorised individuals cannot see the computer screen.

Access procedure

Under the recent changes, the researcher’s identity is verified using both a personal token and a code sent via text message, replacing the fingerprint scanner. This means researchers are able to log into the remote access environment from home or from any other location. This remains subject to the condition that connection is made via a secure (wireless) network.

Check on output

CBS checks all research output which is based on microdata. Researchers who have demonstrated proper compliance to regulations concerning output receive their own output under embargo before it has been checked by CBS; this does not apply to projects involving data from the death cause statistic and to projects conducted outside the EU.

Privacy awareness

Researchers who are (going to be) working via remote access are tested for their privacy awareness. Passing this test is mandatory for all researchers before they are given access to the remote access environment.

A detailed description of the recent changes is provided in the Newsletter Remote Access Innovations, March 2017.