Privacy (English)

Statistics Netherlands (CBS) will treat your personal data with the utmost care. This page lists the measures we have taken to safeguard your privacy.

Personal data

Personal data is information about an identifiable person, for example a name, a home address or an email address, or someone’s income.

What Statistics Netherlands does with your data

CBS collects data from people, companies and institutions. Upon receipt of these data, all directly identifying personal details are removed as soon as possible and replaced by a pseudo key. CBS uses these so-called pseudonymised data to conduct statistical research. CBS will only publish statistical information without identifiable or traceable personal data. Furthermore, CBS has taken measures to ensure protection from theft, loss or abuse of personal data.
CBS will never supply identifiable data to third parties, including other government institutions. However, (academic) institutions may, under strict conditions, be given access to pseudonymised personal or corporate data. These are referred to as microdata.


CBS protects your data with technical and logistical measures. Following are the most important measures:
• When you complete a survey or submit any data, this information is delivered to CBS in encoded form. The data are received by CBS in a secured environment. Only authorised personnel shall have access to these data.
• At the earliest possible stage in the process, all directly identifiable personal data are removed from the files. This means survey files will never contain data such as names, addresses or Burgerservicenummers (national ID numbers).
• All CBS employees are bound by an obligation of confidentiality. All our employees have signed a confidentiality agreement.
• CBS uses the data solely for statistical and scientific purposes. CBS is excluded by law from using the data for fiscal, administrative, verification and legal purposes. Furthermore, CBS is not allowed to use data for marketing.
• CBS was certified Privacy Audit Proof in 2017. This audit is carried out by an accredited external party in concordance with DPA standards.

Personal Data Protection Act

CBS is bound by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This Regulation helps protect the privacy of citizens. In addition, CBS adheres to the privacy stipulations in the Statistics Netherlands Act, the European Statistics Code of Practice, the Statistical Law and its own code of conduct (pdf).


• CBS has its own Data Protection Officer. This officer monitors the use of personal data by CBS and keeps a register of all personal data processing at CBS.
• The Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) supervises compliance with regulations of the law concerning personal data protection.


If you wish to know more about the reports register or the processing of personal data, please contact the Statistics Netherlands Data Protection Officer:
Mr M. Booleman via infoservice