Information for general use of CBS open data

The data portal makes the datasets of the CBS available as open data. The datasets can be retrieved with a web service or query. The web services offer direct access to the database and create the possibility for requesting large amounts of data and metadata. In this way datasets can be retrieved, filtered and combined. The web services are based upon the open standards of the odata protocol version 4. More information about this protocol can be found at the website or the Wikipedia-page on open data.

You are currently visiting a beta version of the portal. The functionality of this portal is still under development and for the time being only a limited part of the CBS datasets is available through odata 4. The full database of StatLine is available through the data portal of odata 3. The easiest way to consult figures of StatLine is through the StatLine interface of the CBS.

The data portal has a search function (under construction), but you can also browse through the datasets by catalog and theme. Every dataset has a short description with the contents and the structure. There also is a link to the web service that calls upon the dataset. The portal offers an option for a preview of the dataset and for a csv download of all data or a part of them (this download is still under construction).

The CBS distinguishes between two groups of open data users. Data analysts apply a tool to process data, for example Excel or Power BI, or another tool for business information that can import odata queries. Developers use queries to show data in websites or apps. They possess more technical background knowledge. For example, they are able to apply odata functions to retrieve a specific part of a dataset. Manuals and explanations for using open data can be found under ‘Information for data analysts’ and ‘Information for developers’.

An explanation of conditions under which the open data facility can be used is given in the  ‘Disclaimer open data’ (Dutch only). It states among other things that open data can be used free of charge and that quoting of the source is mandatory. Once a year the CBS organizes a public session for open data users. It maintains a LinkedIn group ‘Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek; Open Data’.  In this group announcements are made and you can ask questions about the open data services.

All datasets of the CBS can also be accessed at the data portal of the Dutch government.