Information for data analysts

The data portal has a preview option. You can select data from a dataset and then preview this selection. In the future an option will be added to download the selection as a csv file. There is no restriction to the number of cells in this download.

There is a manual (Dutch only) available which explains how to import data into Excel using an OData 4 query. It uses the Excel query editor to first retrieve the metadata and then retrieve a subset of a large dataset. Subsequently it shows how to use these data to make a pivot table in Excel. The manual uses Excel 2016.

Excel 2016 recognizes two ways to retrieve data using an odata query. However, only the steps under Data > New Query > From Other Sources > From ODataFeed support OData version 4. The steps under Data > From Other Sources > From ODataFeed can only be followed with OData version 3.

The API (application programming interface) of OData 4 makes available datasets to load them into BI tools or computer programs. There are quick start guides (Dutch only) available for using R and Python. Basic skills with R or Python are required to make use of these quick start guides.