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2827 results for measuring economy

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CBS introduces new energy price measurement method

From June 2023, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) will employ a new method to measure the energy prices paid by consumers. The aim is to derive a more accurate inflation rate.


Dutch economy grew by 4.5 percent in 2022

The Dutch economy grew by 4.5 percent in 2022, after growing by 4.9 percent in 2021. Such growth over two consecutive years had not yet been recorded this century


Emissions to air by the Dutch economy; national accounts

emissions to air, climate change, greenhouse gases, CO2, ozone layer air pollution, acidification, environmental accounts,


How energy measures are incorporated into the CPI

In autumn 2022, the government announced two measures to reduce household energy costs: the temporary energy allowance and the price cap on energy. The allowance is classed as income support and...


Monitoring the biobased economy from a macro-economic perspective

This report describes the development, estimation and validation of indicators for a bio-based economy. First a Bio Flow Monitor (BFM) dataset is compiled. From this dataset indicators related to...


How does CBS measure well-being?

The development of well-being in the broad sense of the word – economic, ecological and social – in the Netherlands and the progress with regard to the SDGs of the United Nations; the current figures...


CBS develops experimental database of supply chains in the Dutch economy

Production chains play a major role in the Dutch economy, but they are vulnerable to disruptions.


Circularity of the Dutch economy has barely increased

Of all natural resources that were deployed in the Dutch economy in 2020, 13 percent consisted of recycled materials. This percentage is virtually the same as in 2014. In terms of recycling, the...


Circular economy and the Sustainable Development Goals

The results of a study into the SDGs and the circular economy, about how these different perspectives can influence each other positively or negativelyare


Adequate measurement of the economy

Adequate measurement of the economy CBS studying issues around measurement of the new economy


Developing a material flow monitor for the Netherlands from national statistical data

Statistics Netherlands (CBS) developed a Material Flow Monitor (MFM) that captures national resource extraction, imports and exports, product flows between economic sectors, as well as emissions and...


Bonaire’s economy shrank by over 8 percent in 2020

In 2020, the economy of Bonaire contracted by 8.4 percent. This is the strongest decline since the start of the series in 2012.


Dutch Trade in Facts and Figures, 2022

The fact that the Netherlands, as a small and open trading nation, is highly interconnected with other countries becomes particularly clear during a crisis.


Circular economy what we want to know and can measure

Circular economy: what we want to know and can measure


Economy in Q1 2022 the same size as in the previous quarter

According to the first quarterly estimate , gross domestic product (GDP) remained virtually unchanged in Q1 2022 relative to the previous quarter.


Statistics Netherlands identifies links between SDGs and circular economy

How do the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the circular economy interact with each other?


Measuring income in a globalized economy

An explorative search for a macro-economic framework based on business models


Measuring the internet economy of South Korea

an important contribution to the realization of IT policy and the development of the national economy in South Korea


The Circular Economy: starting progress measurement

The proposed monitoring system to track progress in the planned transition towards a circular economy.


Seeking partners for adequate measuring of the economy

In view of all kinds of developments, such as globalisation, digitisation and the shift towards services, measurement of the Dutch economy requires additional attention


Measuring the internet economy with big data

A discussion paper on measuring the internet economy in the Netherlands in 2016-2018 with big data. This study repeats a similar study from 2016 for the year 2015.


Measuring internet economy on the international agenda

applying innovative big data research methods in a collaborative project with Google and Dataprovider


Measuring the internet economy in The Netherlands

This discussion paper describes a method based on latent class modeling


Dutch economy shows faster pandemic recovery than neighbouring countries

On balance, the Dutch economy recovered more rapidly from the coronavirus crisis in 2021.