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6 results for keyword:air pollution
6 results for keyword:air pollution

Well-being ‘later’: natural capital

Natural capital relates to services that the natural environment provides to the economy, such as raw materials and recreation.


Cleaner air means less particulate matter captured by ecosystems

Trees and plants filter harmful particulate matter from the air


Ecosystem extent account; types of ecosystems, region

Area of different ecosystem types in the Netherlands in square kilometres per province


More people find the environment highly polluted

In 2017, over half of the adult population in the Netherlands indicated that air, soil and water are severely polluted. Three-quarters believe that the natural environment has been seriously damaged....


Rising economy, falling greenhouse gas emissions

Dutch greenhouse gas emissions fell by 13 percent


Emissions to air; greenhouse gases and air pollutants

Determining Dutch emissions to the air, both greenhouse gases and air pollutants, broken down into stationary and mobile sources, and in accordance with international regulations.