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Corporate data; turnover developments (growing and declining ), SIC 2008

Businesses with a growth or decline in turnover Business activity and business size


11 percent of asylum status holders in work

Out of the asylum seekers who obtained a residence permit in 2014, 11 percent were in work after 30 months; 84 percent of status holders were benefit recipients.


Greenhouse gas and natural resource footprints

Greenhouse gas and natural resource footprints for 2010 up to and including 2018 specified for production and consumption perspectives, CO2 and other greenhouse gases and four types of natural...


Internationalisation Monitor 2022, fourth quarter – Productivity

In this edition of the Internationalisation Monitor, we relate recalibrated productivity estimates (multifactor productivity) to internationalisation, innovation and business dynamics.


Health expenditure; providers and financing for international comparisons

Health Accounts; providers and financing, providers; financing


International trade and transit trade; value, weight, goods, transport mode

International trade, transport, transit trade Continents, NSTR chapters, flow types, value and weight


Social protection expenditure; functions, in kind or cash, means-test

Social protection expenditure, ESSPROS Functions, support in cash or in kind, means-testing


Health expenditure; providers and functions for international comparisons

Health accounts; providers and functions, healthcare providers; healthcare functions


Inflation explained

CBS’ chief economist Peter Hein van Mulligen explains in less than 5 minutes what exactly inflation is and how it is calculated by CBS. Contents: 00:00 - 01:46 What is inflation? 01:47 - 02:17 How...


How many residents have a foreign country of origin?

Answer tot the question how many residents of the Netherlands were born abroad?


Asylum requests and family reunification; nationality, sex and age

Asylum requests and family reunification nationality, sex and age


Environmental taxes and fees, revenues by taxpayer; national accounts

environmental taxes, environmental fees, waste tax, fuel tax, excise duty tax payers, tax revenues, sewerage charges, mobility tax


Existing own homes; purchase price indices 2015=100 by region (COROP)

Price index owner-occupied homes, price index 2015=100, price development Average sales price for owner-occupied homes


Tourism; key indicators, National Accounts

Tourism, contribution to the Dutch economy, key indicators. Employment, value added and expenditures in the tourism industry.


Health, lifestyle, health care use and supply, causes of death; from 1900

Health status, lifestyle, use of health care services, care supply, (healthy) life expectancy and causes of death


Labour price index; index figures 2015=100; National Accounts

Labour price index; wage costs per hour worked Branches SIC 2008


Gross fixed capital formation by type and by sector; National Accounts

Gross fixed capital formation by type of capital good on owner basis Institutional sectors


Fixed capital formation by type of capital good, region; national accounts

Fixed capital formation by type of capital good Dwellings, non-residential buildings, civil engineering works, machinery


Welfare of households; key figures

Disposable and equivalised income, expenditures, wealth Type of household, households with low income


Tourism; expenditure, National Accounts

Tourism expenditure. Expenditures outbound, inbound and domestic tourism. Expenditures outbound tourism, inbound tourism and domestic tourism.


Self-employed persons; income, wealth, characteristics

income, capital, substantial interest entrepreneurs, owner-managers


Labour participation; young people

Labour force, unemployment, labour participation Young people (15-24 years), sex, in education or not


Local intergovernmental organisations; revenues and expenditures by tasks

Intergovernmental organisations, revenues, expenditures by main function Directive for Budgeting and Accounting (BBV) municipalities and provinces


Government; social benefits

Statutory social security benefits, Social Assistance Benefits


Public libraries

Number of libraries, collection of volumes, volumes lent out, users Type of collection, operating costs and revenues