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Natural gas balance sheet; supply and consumption

Indigenous production, imports, exports, stock change and consumption


Social security; key figures, number of benefits

Number of social security benefits Total number of benefits


Netherlands Business survey, region, month

Realisations, expectations and opinions Dutch Business Survey Production, turnover, orders, prices, workforce, stocks, ec. climate


Business survey Netherlands; quarterly, to size classes

Developments, expectations and opinions of businesses Sector/Branches, size classes


Business survey Netherlands; quarterly, to sector/branches

Developments, expectations and opinions of businesses Sector/branches


Business survey Netherlands; quarterly, to regions

Developments, expectations and opinions of businesses Sector/Branches, Regions


Liquid biofuels for transport; supply, consumption and blending

Productie, consumption, biodiesel, biogasoline, blending Biodiesel, biogasoline


Investment radar

The Investment Radar analyses developments in private sector investment.


Solar panels

How popular is the sun? And which municipality uses it the most? CBS spokesperson Dick ter Steege tells in this video about the latest solar energy figures.


Motor vehicles admitted; type, age class, 1 January

Active motor vehicle fleet as of January the first Vehicle age


Do firms or workers drive the foreign acquisition wage premium?

An analysis of firm and worker contributions to the foreign acquisition wage premium in the Netherlands.


Government; social benefits

Statutory social security benefits, Social Assistance Benefits


Government; debt guarantees, off-balance PPP, non-performing loans

one-off and standardised guarantees, adjusted capital value of off balance sheet public private partnerships, government sectors.


Electrification in the Netherlands 2017–2021

This note aims to provide data that may help to quantify electrification in the Netherlands from 2017 - 2021 for the most releant technologies currently being used: heat pumps and electric cars


Capital stocks; SIC; type of capital assets, National Accounts

Capital stock; volume changes SIC, institutional sectors, type of capital assets


Natural gas consumption 25 percent lower in first half of 2022

Natural gas consumption in the Netherlands amounted to 17.6 billion cubic metres (m3) over the first six months of 2022.


Government; Taxes and social contributions

Revenue collected from taxes and social contributions Types of taxes and social contributions


Government debt; debt instruments, counterpart sector, valuation, sectors

Total government debt and debt in foreign currency. Debt instruments, counterpart sector, face- and market value, sectors.


Financial instruments: From-whom-to-whom matrices; National Accounts

Financial transactions between institutional sectors Sectors, balance sheets and transactions



Unit of measurement for transport capacity, representing the transport of a tonne (1000 kilograms) of load capacity over one kilometre.


Degree of loading

The ratio between the loading capacity took up by the goods carried by a freight transport vehicle and the total loading capacity of that vehicle.


TEU (Twenty foot equivalent unit)

A unit based on an ISO container of 20 foot length (6.10 m) to provide a standardised measure of containers of various capacities and for describing the capacity of container ships or terminals.



The capacity to perform work.


Energy balance sheet; supply, transformation and consumption

Energy, supply, transformation, consumption, final consumption Natural gas, electricity, petroleum, hard coal, renewable energy, heat


Financial balance sheets and transactions by sectors; National Accounts

Financial balance sheets and transactions by economic sectors Sectors, balance sheets, assets and liabilities