Survey of Consumer Sentiment

The Consumer Sentiment Survey has been conducted since 1972. The aim of the study is to gather up-to-date information about consumers’ opinions on the economic development and the financial situation of their own households. With this research we gain insight into the opinions of consumers, for example about the purchase of expensive consumer goods, such as washing machines, TVs and other products that you use in your household. We also identify changes in optimism or pessimism about people’s own financial situation and that of the Netherlands. Do they expect things to get better or worse or perhaps not to change? Are they expecting large expenditures or not? Do they have confidence in the future?

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Why this survey?

As mentioned before, the Consumer Sentiment Survey provides up-to-date information on consumer perceptions. The survey is partly carried out at the request of the European Commission. The European Commission uses the study to make an estimate of whether a country's economy will grow or level off. Do we expect that expenditure and the production of goods or services in the Netherlands will increase, remain the same or, on the contrary, fall? Because the research is carried out in a large number of countries, it will also be possible to make an inter-comparison. CBS uses the data to construct the consumer confidence index, among other things. How much confidence do we have in our own financial situation and that of the Netherlands?

Why have I been chosen?

The CBS randomly selected a small number of people from the Municipal Register of Persons. In this register, municipalities keep track of the citizens' personal data. The selected persons are spread throughout the Netherlands. Not every inhabitant can be involved in this research. Your participation is therefore important: you represent a large number of other people in the Netherlands.

Your data is safe

Statistics Netherlands will treat your (personal) data with care. Check for more information.


With your participation in the Consumer Sentiment Survey you can win one of the available iPads with a value of €449,-. If you have responded online, you will see directly at the end of the questionnaire if you are the winner. When the interview is conducted by an interviewer, he or she will let you know at the end of the interview if you have won. You will be contacted soon afterwards. The letter you received from the CBS states until when you can take part in the survey.

The winners will be randomly selected. This means that the draw does not take into account specific personal characteristics. For more information about the CBS's general rewards policy, questions or complaints, please refer to the general rewards page.


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