Statistics of Finances of Enterprises


  1. Why does Statistics Netherlands only requires the consolidated statement which relates solely to group companies established in the Netherlands?
  2. We do not compile the consolidation required by Statistics Netherlands for our own purposes. Are we obliged to compile this consolidation especially for Statistics Netherlands?
  3. May I change the pre-filled opening balance-sheet amount?
  4. Is there an overview of the questions available?
  5. Is a Dutch version of the questionnaire available?
  6. How should I report changes in the enterprise structure?
  7. Is my privacy protected?
  8. I receive questionnaires from Statistics Netherlands, but the activities of my company have ended. (bankruptcy, cancellation, merger, acquisition, or sale).
  9. I have lost the log-in codes.
  10. I have filled out the questionnaire and sent it. Why do I get a reminder by letter?
  11. I do not see a window to enter the user number and access code.
  12. I cannot complete the questionnaire digitally or I have lost the questionnaire. Can I receive a paper questionnaire?
  13. How can I change my contact details, e.g. address, place or contact person?
  14. Do I have to fill in the annual questionnaire if I also complete the quarterly questionnaire?
  15. Detailed explanation and definitions of terms used in the questionnaire
  16. Can I change the language of the questionnaire?
  17. Can I apply for a deferment?
  18. Am I required to provide data?