New classification for financial and non-financial holding corporations’


What kind of reporting requirement can I expect from DNB?

Depending on the size of your company’s consolidated balance sheet, you will either have to submit a quarterly report or a (summary) annual report. The quarterly report is similar in scope to the Statistics Netherlands (CBS) report but has a different format.

In the annual report, you will only be asked to provide the main breakdown of the balance sheet and related income. To view the report profile.

DNB will let you know which report profile applies to your company.

An important difference between reporting to DNB versus CBS regarding Company Finance and Balance of Payments (SFGO) is the scope of consolidation. In principle, DNB requires reporting per entity and not for the entire scope of consolidation, as is the case with CBS.

Will DNB safeguard the confidentiality of my report?
Like CBS, DNB attaches great importance to monitoring the confidentiality of the data reported to its organisation. This applies both to the method of communication between DNB and its reporters – which takes place entirely through secure connections – and to the use of this data. And just like CBS, DNB also tests the traceability of its published figures.