Statistics of Finances of Enterprises


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You can request new codes.Please contact the CBS Contact Center.

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If one of these situations apply, please notify Statistics Netherlands in writing. Send an email to (stating the correspondence number in the cover letter). Make sure to mention the reason for terminating the activities.

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Yes, your privacy is guaranteed in all surveys of Statistics Netherlands. Your company data is processed and analyzed into general economic statistics under strict confidentiality. Statistics Netherlands works with well-secured computer systems. The law prescribes that the data should only be used for statistical purposes. No other institution has access to the data collected by Statistics Netherlands. No recognizable data about a separate company or institution can be derived from the statistical information published by Statistics Netherlands.

If it is not possible for you to complete the survey questionnaire before the required date stated on the form, you can ask for a deferment by telephone (+31) 45 570 6640 or by e-mail:
You can report these changes by telephone (+31) 45 570 6640 or by or by e-mail:
If the opening amount is no longer correct, you may change it.
An overview of the enterprise structure is included in the online questionnaire. If this contains errors or omissions, please note them at the questions.
The task of Statistics Netherlands includes providing a representative picture of the state of the Dutch economy. By excluding the non-resident group companies, the resulting figures reflect only the activities of the group companies which resident in the Netherlands. The explanatory notes on the questionnaire explain how to consolidate correctly.
Yes. The task of Statistics Netherlands includes providing a representative picture of the state of the Dutch economy. To make this possible, Statistics Netherlands requires a consolidated statement of all group companies established in the Netherlands.
Yes, you must also complete the questionnaire for the annual survey ‘statistics of finances of enterprises’. Although the two surveys are basically identical, they are also different. The quarterly survey is more concise and because the figures are supplied relatively soon after the close of the quarter, they are often provisional and unverified. In the annual survey definite verified figures are supplied.