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IDEP - Code Lists

While writing your own software program for submission of your declarations to CBS for the International Trade in Goods statistics, you need code lists. The Manual Record lay-out for electronic reporting 2020 (PDF - 0.9 MB) describes how you should use these code lists.

Code lists 2021

Commodity code list 

The goods are coded by Eurostat in the Combined Nomenclature (CN). This Combined Nomenclature contains the codes prescribed by the European Union for the statistics on International Trade in Goods in all EU countries. The CN is an 8-digit code. The annual updates result from adaptations needed for Customs and for the statistics. 

The commodity codes are available in PDF and in Excel format:

  • Commodity codes in pdf (PDF - 7.8 MB)
  • Commodity codes in Excel (XLS - 2.0 MB)

Other code lists:

Code lists 2020

Other code lists: