COEN Business Survey Netherlands FAQ's


Is my privacy protected?

Yes, your privacy is guaranteed in all surveys of Statistics Netherlands. Your company data is processed under strict confidentiality and analysed into general economic statistics. Statistics Netherlands works with well-secured computer systems. The law prescribes that the data should only be used for statistical purposes. No other institution has access to the data collected by Statistics Netherlands. No identifiable data about individual companies or institutions can be derived from the statistical information published by Statistics Netherlands.

I completed and sent the questionnaire. Why do I get a reminder letter?
If you have sent the survey via the internet, you will immediately receive a confirmation of receipt on your screen. Have you not received an acknowledgment of receipt on the screen? Then check that you did not accidentally use the 'Save' button instead of the 'Send' button. Log in (if necessary) again, go to the last screen, and press the 'Send' button. If you have recently filled in and submitted the survey on paper, it is possible that your survey and the reminder letter have crossed one anot
How can I report changes to address, place name, contact person?
You can notify us of changes by using the web forms to report change of address and/or change contact person. The company name can only be changed from the source register, such as the Chamber of Commerce or another register.
I cannot see a screen where I can enter the user number and the access code.
This may have several causes. 1) You have typed the web address into a search engine (e.g. Google). Unfortunately, that does not work. Because your data is confidential, Statistics Netherlands uses a secure server. Type the link directly in the address bar of your browser. 2) You forgot the 's' after 'http' when typing the web address. 3) You cannot access the internet. Try a different website and see if it works. You may have problems with your network connection.
I receive questionnaires from Statistics Netherlands but the activities of my company have ended (bankruptcy, cancellation, merger, acquisition or sale).
If one of these situations applies, please notify Statistics Netherlands in writing. Send an email to (stating the correspondence number in the cover letter). Indicate here also the reason for terminating the activities.


Can I get an English-language questionnaire?
No, unless otherwise stated, only a Dutch-language questionnaire is available. There is however an English overview of all questions per sector.
Why do I receive a questionnaire?

Your company has been selected on the basis of a sample. Statistics Netherlands takes into account the importance of a company for the reliability of the outcomes. A number of criteria are used for this, including the number of employees. The largest companies (more than 100 employees) in a certain branch will almost always receive a questionnaire. For companies employing between 10 and 100 employees and small businesses (less than 10 employees) Statistics Netherlands can in most cases suffice with a sample that is representative of the whole.

Will the same companies be surveyed in the coming years?

For this research, it is necessary to follow companies for a longer period or even continuously. You will then receive the same questionnaire for a number of months or quarters. In this survey, a number of companies are 'refreshed' each year. This means that some of the companies do not return to the new sample. Other companies will then be contacted instead. This change takes place mainly among small and medium-sized businesses. How long your company is part of the survey is therefore not known in advance.

When do I have to complete the questionnaire?
Preferably in the first week of the month. If you have not yet submitted after the second week, you are likely to be reminded.
How many companies receive the survey?
About 6,000 companies are contacted for the monthly surveys. Approximately 1,500 additional companies will be contacted for the quarterly survey.
I cannot open the website, what should I do?
Contact the technical support for electronic data delivery for completing the questionnaire online.
-Telephone (045) 570 66 27 (on working days from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.)
The login code does not work
Contact the technical support for electronic data delivery for completing the questionnaire online.
-Telephone (045) 570 66 27 (on working days from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.)
Once I have logged in to the questionnaire, I cannot return to the COEN site?
Yes, this is correct. This is a measure for the security of the company data that you disclose to us. You should log in again on the site. As long as you have not yet sent your questionnaire, you can go back to the COEN website with a click on the COEN logo.
When will the results be published?
The results from the monthly survey are published in Statline tables on the website of Statistics Netherlands at the end of the reporting month. The results from the quarterly survey are published mid-way through February, May, August and November, also in Statline tables on the website of Statistics Netherlands. The publication schedule with exact dates is available on the website of Statistics Netherlands.
Why is there also a monthly version (the former business cycle test)?
Due to the mandatory supply to the European Union and the compilation of the Business Indicator Producer Confidence and Business Cycle Tracer indicator, Statistics Netherlands is forced to continue the monthly survey in the manufacturing industry, commercial services and retail sectors.
How are the requested variables determined?
Thanks to the collaboration, as mentioned on the web page CBS for your business, one Business Survey Netherlands is created, which keeps a finger on the pulse of the Dutch private sector every quarter. For all commercial industries, the developments and expectations surrounding the most important economic variables are mapped by asking entrepreneurs about their opinion, for example whether the turnover has risen, remained the same or decreased. The variables include production, capacity utilisat
Where will the results be published?
The results are published simultaneously by each of the cooperating organisations on their own website. Statistics Netherlands makes this data available on Statline on the Statistics Netherlands website. Furthermore, the results will be published on the Ondernemersplein, an initiative of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, where you can find information and advice from the (semi-) government.
What happens to the data collected by Statistics Netherlands?
The results are processed into clear, reliable statistics. These and the anonymous microdata are made available to the partner organisations in this research. All parties then publish the results in mutual consultation. The results are also used for the compilation of Producer Confidence, Business Confidence and the Vacancy Indicator.
Where can I go for questions or to file a complaint?
At: CBS Contact Center. General information about surveys of Statistics Netherlands and substantive support for data delivery; registration of complaints and handling thereof.
- Telephone (045) 570 64 00 (on working days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Technical support with electronic data delivery for completing the questionnaire online.
-Telephone (045) 570 66 27 (on working days from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.)