COEN Business Survey Netherlands FAQ's


  1. Is my privacy protected?
  2. I completed and sent the questionnaire. Why do I get a reminder letter?
  3. How can I report changes to address, place name, contact person?
  4. I cannot see a screen where I can enter the user number and the access code.
  5. I receive questionnaires from Statistics Netherlands but the activities of my company have ended (bankruptcy, cancellation, merger, acquisition or sale).


  1. Can I get an English-language questionnaire?
  2. Why do I receive a questionnaire?
  3. Will the same companies be surveyed in the coming years?
  4. When do I have to complete the questionnaire?
  5. How many companies receive the survey?
  6. I cannot open the website, what should I do?
  7. The login code does not work
  8. Once I have logged in to the questionnaire, I cannot return to the COEN site?
  9. When will the results be published?
  10. Why is there also a monthly version (the former business cycle test)?
  11. How are the requested variables determined?
  12. Where will the results be published?
  13. What happens to the data collected by Statistics Netherlands?
  14. Where can I go for questions or to file a complaint?