Functionalities of Mijn CBS

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If you log in on Mijn CBS with eHerkenning, you will immediately see a few icons:

  • My surveys: Here, you will find an overview of all your (current) CBS survey questionnaires. Please select the surveys you want displayed. For example, you can choose to display only the surveys for one particular department in your company. Or you can select only those surveys for which you still need to submit data.

    If you click on ‘More information’ under one of the surveys, you can see a brief survey description, read special information, and learn how to submit data. You can also settle some matters directly. For example, change the contact person or the correspondence address, or approach CBS directly with a question.
  • Statistical information: This dashboard shows the latest statistical information on enterprises in the Netherlands. For example, information the enterprise population by industry and by region as well as turnover figures. Here you will also find the latest survey results on expected turnover, employment, and investments.

  • Contact: Get in touch with CBS easily and quickly via this page. You can fill out a web form or contact us by phone. If you fill out a web form, we immediately have all the information we need to help you as quickly as possible.

    Go to ‘My surveys’ to directly settle matters online relating to a specific survey (request a postponement, change a contact person, report a change of address, ask a question, request login codes and download an authorisation form for your accountant). We have filled in your reference number for you in advance.

If you log in with login details from the letter or email, you will not see an overview of your surveys, but only the survey for which you are logged in. You will see and change contact details for that particular survey only. In addition, you have access to the Statistical information dashboard.