Members of the Executive Board

Director General

Mw. drs. A. (Angelique) Berg

Deputy Director General

Dr. A.H. (Bert) Kroese

Ancillary positions:

Deputy Chair Vision Implementation Group (VIG, European Union)
Chair, Executive Board High Level Group Modernisation (HLG-MOS, UNECE)
Chair, UN Commission Environmental Economic Accounting (UNCEEA, UN)
Board member and treasurer, ICTU

Department of corporate strategy and management advice

Mr.drs. S.W.F.H. (Erik) Bruinsma

Director, CBS Communications and News

Drs. M.P.M. (Mike) Ackermans

Director, Corporate services, IT and methodology

Drs. W. (Wim) van Nunspeet

Director, Data Collection

Ir. J.H. (Jeroen) van Velzen (wnd.) 

Director, Economic and business statistics and national accounts

Ms. M.J.M. (Marleen) Verbruggen

Director, Socio-economic and spatial statistics

Ms. J.C.M. (Hanneke) Imbens, MSc

CEO, Blaise

H.J.A. (Harry) Wijnhoven, MSc