Statistics Netherlands (CBS) collaborates internationally with various other organisations including the statistical agencies of other countries.

International comparisons

Cooperation among statistical agencies is essential as there is an increasing need for international comparisons of statistical data. This calls for harmonisation and cooperation on a high level.


By drawing together innovative strength and exchanging best practices, we create new opportunities for a higher degree of efficiency.


CBS seeks cooperation with the international statistical community in the areas of innovation, research and development. CBS also shares knowledge about new practices, e.g. on the use of Big Data or smart statistical solutions.

International cooperation partners

CBS collaborates internationally in various ways:

  • With Eurostat, the statistical agency of the European Union. CBS collects statistical information on the Netherlands for Eurostat. In addition, CBS responds to enquiries about statistics published by Eurostat. For information, please contact infoservice
  • Outside of Europe, CBS participates in various international bodies including the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the United Nations (UN).
  • CBS cooperates with statistical agencies in other countries.