Your colleagues

At CBS, you will find people with different backgrounds working closely together: economists and software engineers, but also mathematicians, physicists, biologists, medical practitioners and chemists. What they all have in common is a focus on research results of outstanding quality.

Sandra Vasconcellos
Trafficcoördinator, CBS Communication and News

Picture of Sandra Vasconselles, Traffic coördinator

“The CBS news division makes me feel at home. It’s dynamic and hectic; every day is different. I am part of the newsroom’s central coordination team. Preparing and monitoring the planning is my responsibility.”

Piet Daas, Datascientist

Piet Daas, Datascientist

“I coordinate big data research at CBS. One of the projects we have completed is a major study into traffic data.”

Nilani Perampalam, Researcher

Nilani Perampalam, Researcher

“There is an incredible amount of knowledge available at CBS, allowing people to learn new things again and again, every day.”

Gert Jan Wijma, Editor

gert jan
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“The best part is seeing your own story in the news during breakfast”

Peter Hein van Mulligen, Chief Economist

peter heijn

“My job is perhaps the most fun job you could wish for at CBS”

Joren Swart, Statistical researcher, Real Estate and Housing Market

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“It’s a nice feeling to be providing figures that underpin policies” 

David de Bie, Software Developer

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‘‘The amount of data CBS generates is invaluable”

Kim Ketelaars, Statistical Analyst


“I find a lot of variety in my work. No day is the same”