Passenger cars by fuel type

What is it?

Figures on the number of motor vehicles by fuel type in a municipality. This may be petrol, diesel, LPG and electricity. For electric cars, a distinction can be made between fully electric and partly electric cars.
The municipality can use the information on passenger cars by fuel to be more prepared in terms of facilities or measures for specific car types, for example by determining the optimal favourable location for the installation of new charging stations for emission-free cars.
It is also possible to link car ownership to households.

What are the benefits?

  • Information on the type of fuel used in most cars driven by residents in the municipality;
  • Insight into car ownership by fuel type at district or neighbourhood level;
  • Insight into which types of households own a car at district or neighbourhood level. What share of car owners are in employment, for example? How high is their income and do they have children?