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Products available in UDCs

As an organisation governed by statistical law, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) is unique in the Netherlands in having over 170 national registers containing a wealth of information. This also makes it possible to establish cross-links between different policy areas. For example, CBS can supply information on small groups (‘children below the age of five in a single-parent family at risk of poverty’), opening up new insights. These insights in turn lead to better, data-driven policy, offering the possibility of creating a ‘better’ local area or province and achieving cost savings.
In an Urban Data Centre (UDC), it is also possible to seek out new data sources to supplement the existing data. These can include big data sources, such as sensors and mobile telephony data.
A wide range of services has already been created to be offered in a UDC, and new products are being added all the time. These products can be categorised under the headings of Economy, Labour & Income and Society.